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Columbus' 'Shovel Ready' Project


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These are the projects Columbus submitted to the DOT for 'Shovel Ready' projects -

Eastern Connector Phases I & II (Macon Road to Buena Vista Road) – Construct 4 lane Divided Road - Projected Cost – $30,000,000.00 (Federal Funds). Technology Park is being built in three phases. This will be the third phase. The first phase has been built with 250 jobs already established. The build out could take fifteen (15) years with an estimated 2000 jobs that would be available. $35,000,000

Moon Road Phases II & III – Wilber Road to Whittlesey Boulevard, Widen from 2 to 3 lanes & Whittlesey Boulevard to Veterans Parkway, Widen from 2 to 4 lanes– This project will help to alleviate congestion along this main arterial. – Construction expected to create 30 to 35 additional jobs. $9,000,000

Meritas Mills Flood Abatement Project-Enclosure of open channel that is part of the combined sewer system from River Road to 35th Street. $3,500,000

Stormwater Pipe Rehabilitation-Rehabilitation of existing priority one storm sewer pipes that have reached their useful life and have or are near collapse thus endangering adjoining public and private property. $18,000,000

Forest Road Bridges-Repair/Replacement-Repair/Replacement of two existing bridges that have load restrictions due to structural deficiencies. Forrest Road is an arterial road with a traffic count in excess of 12,000 vehicles per day. This is a major route for school buses. $5,000,000

Composting Project (equipment costs) - Would allow City to implement composting operation near existing landfill $1,000,000

METRA Buses (four) - Replacement of four buses as scheduled $1,000,000

Intelligent Transportation System-Implementation of an ITS to include a Traffic Coordination Center and connecting Traffic Signal Systems or other Traffic Control Devices to the Center for monitoring or adjustments. $7,000,000

14th Street Bridge/Riverwalk - Rehab of existing bridge into a pedestrian facility, while completing two missing sections of the Riverwalk to complete this project $10,000,000

Resurfacing/Rehabilitation of Streets- Resurfacing or rehabilitation of existing streets that have been identified as part of the pavement management program $10,000,000

What's not in -

The Commuter rail (aka Trolley) - Columbus' opportunity to move to the next level.

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It's always the "urban-like" things that are thrown out of the mix... Everything you could expect from Columbus and more. We need some fresh new minds on the city council. I'm tired of looking at the same faces, throwing out the same ideas, same suburban philosophies that were dead 10-15 years ago.
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Post in the Georgia forum for other area's activities throughout Georgia. (Link to the Georgia forum posts) The MPO's (Metro Planning Organizations) in Georgia will get their funds directly. All other areas have to get their own. I think Harris has to date chosen not to participated in the Columbus MPO (presumably because it would require progressive planning).

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Troup/Lagrange just announced its Stimulus planning. They were one of the few areas that aren't in MPO's that got a list in to GDOT. Though they didn't have to, Troup Gov't and Lagrange worked on a common list. It's impressive that Troup and Lagrange worked together, but why Hogansville and West Point (home to one of the state's biggest economic development and several thousand new jobs in the next two years) were left out is a mystery.

It's time for the county and the cities to work more closely on all sorts of planning, but especially transportation. In fact, with Kia and BRAC happening as discussed in another article, maybe Troup should be working with Muscogee and even maybe Lee County in AL. There's going to be alot of commuting between these areas... maybe even a light rail...?

The list includes $25.3 million for the 6.1-mile South Loop project between Roanoke Road and Whitesville Road. The other 18 projects on the list are:

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hopefully with kia coming to that area and with kia creating all them jobs maybe they will start to build more stuff off the I185 highway toward columbus like some fast food restraunts gas stations and hotels and other stores and other stuff because when your coming from atlanta and when you get off onto I185 coming to columbus that area is very dead and rural there is nothing but trees down I185 coming to columbus they need to build more stuff down I185 coming to columbus.

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