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Danburys Obama list

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MainStreet Economic Recovery Survey

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CityStateProgramProject DescriptionFunding RequiredJobs

DanburyCTCDBGEducation & Resource Center - Candlewood Lake500,000 20

DanburyCTCDBGWater & Sewer Installations - Cornell Road3,000,000 20

DanburyCTCDBGHead Start of Northern Fairfield County10,000,000 100

DanburyCTPublic SafetyRadio Communications System Upgrade10,000,000 30

DanburyCTSchoolsReplace Boiler - Danbury High School1,500,000 10

DanburyCTSchoolsReplace Roof - Park Avenue School1,000,000 20

DanburyCTSchoolsScience Labs Renovations - Danbury High Schools3,000,000 70

DanburyCTStreets/RoadsBridge Rehabilitation - East Franklin Street2,000,000 20

DanburyCTStreets/RoadsBridge Replacement - Backus Avenue1,000,000 20

DanburyCTStreets/RoadsBridge Replacement - Crosby Street1,400,000 20

DanburyCTStreets/RoadsEast Ditch Deainage Phase II1,300,000 20

DanburyCTStreets/RoadsRe-alignment & Beautification - Plumtrees Road445,000 20

DanburyCTStreets/RoadsWhite Street Streetscape (Phase II & III)500,000 20

DanburyCTStreets/RoadsDrainage Improvements - Citywide3,000,000 30

DanburyCTWaterWest Side Interceptor Sewer14,000,000 40

Totals:$52,645,000.00 460.00

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