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SE mich. needs mass transit badly


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..whoever the next president ends up being, there needs to be a massive investment in urban infrastructure, including mass transit alternative-transportation options.. green-friendly buses, shuttles, light-rail & subways.. Amtrak should be nationalized..

...I think that overseas foreign aid should be drawn back to a minimum, basic humanitarian help, but multi-millions/billions should not be going to foreign countries governments...

...what does it mean to build roads & bridges in europe & asia when there are roads and bridges decaying here in the states..

..in detroit & surrounding areas, transportation options are crazy primitive.. the last 50 years, squabbling among civic & business leaders, haven't solved anything on this issue.. the american auto companies are going to be ambivalent, this has to be accepted.. We need mass transit here to be competitive with other

regions in the United States, and even the world.

Commuters in the metropolitan area travel vast

distances going to work and to school-those that drive

face a high gasoline bill every week; and if you live anywhere that's 'the hood', you're getting a very high car insurance bill.. The two major

bus services in the region do not

share many routes, and prices between the two are

similarly inconsistent. It becomes inordinately

challenging, say, for an unemployed urban resident to

look for work when the most immediately available jobs

are in outer-rim suburbs where a bus line may not even

go. The same follows for someone who is looking at a

college class or job-training program that is a great

distance from where they live.

...I would urge all folks to ask any

politician currently holding or running for office

(from Presidential candidates to local officials) that

they give serious weight to the issue of mass transit

in their respective hometowns. A comprehensive

mass-transportation development plan, once

implemented, would be a tremendous asset..

I recently attended a Transit riders United open house, and at least some strategic planning is taking place, but the elected officials have to come on board and make it a priority..


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