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Regency Mall


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What did Regency Mall look like in its Hey Day. Can people submit their memories and photos of the Mall. I remember the train and how I looked forward to riding it during Christmas. I can honestly say that the Augusta Mall or other malls that I have been to does not come close to what Regency offered for kids at Christmas. Aside form the negative image it developed during its later years, what pleasant memories do you have of the mall.

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Regency was the mall we went to every Saturday. Augusta Mall was for special occasions. Looking back, Regency never really fit the mall mold. There was no food court. There were always empty stores. It never really seemed to recover from the Cullums mini-anchor store that went through several retailers.

But I do fondly remember Orange Julius opposite JB White. I remember Belk building an indoor garden one year during the Masters. And I remember running down the ramp at Whites which always seemed an odd layout.

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