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Social engineering and investing

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I was wondering if anyone has put any thought into the idea of social engineering through a site like this.

or on a lesser level investing.

there are say 1000 people putting around here on a regular basis who have simular interests and are urban focused. what would happen if each of those people could contribute a reasonable financial investment into an entity that would aim to creat wealth but also further ideals of the membership.

I think churches kind of do this as is, or immigrant groups (in Hartford, the Ukrainian home is building a 30 unit apartment building)

So yes, I am talking about some kind of UP REIT. am I proposing such a thing... no, but I am often interested by the prospect.

on a further more involved level, what about social engineering.

what if the membership of the Providence board, or Charlotte board chose a depressed area and committed to buying, moving, and revitalizing the neighborhood?

I know in Hartford there are dozens of places that look like they should be filled with millionairs, but are instead low income housing. what if only 50 brave souls bought in an area and spruced up the 50 houses they owned. to what affect can a community like this live up to its urban ideals?


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