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Morris Square in Radcliffeborough


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I'on developers complete Morris Square in Radcliffeborough

I was just in Chas. and didn't even remember to see this. I had forgotten all about it. The pics look pretty good, has anyone seen it in person?

It looks great, but I kind of like the more contemporary stuff going up in the neighborhood. In any case, it should spur revitalization around it. If I had money to invest, I'd put it in real estate there.

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I remember this vacant lot (the size of a small city block) when I lived around the corner from it in '03-'04. I used to take my dog there (and lots of other dog-owners did the same) to run -- it was enclosed by chain-link fences. Before that, I believe it was some sort of blighted building or collection of buildings. Dereef Park is across the street, where I also used to take my dog. The former "motel" next to it, and across the street from this toney development, was then a sort of apartment for the poor. I was told when I lived there that the motel used to be a huge problem with drugs, drunks, and prostitution. When I lived there, there was a lot of indigent people sitting around, some of which seemed a little intimidating. I'm surprised they built this fancy development with all that right across the street (and I assume still is).

Does anyone know better? Maybe they have torn down that old apartment/motel?

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...a few shots of Morris Square, which is very nice. Nearby on Rutledge Street is Fuel a Carribean restaurant in an old gas station that serves soup, burgers and fish tacos. Happy hour is 4 to 7 with drinks costing $3. Enjoyable place with a good looking crowd in probably Charleston's hippest area--North King Street.







Nearby on Spring Street...this imposing eye-sore probably can't be saved...but in Charleston where preservation rules who knows...



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It looks like Phase II, now named as the Gathering at Morris Square, may finally be moving forward toward construction. 13 or the 15 buildings were given B.A.R. approval at a special meeting last week and the City has given approval to relocate a historic church building that is located on the property. The developer is financing the relocatuon and rehabitiaton of the church building and once completed it will be turned over to the City as a community center.

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