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Vista Germantown Apartments


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I have known about this one for over a year, but have not seen it in print until now. The NBJ is saying Bristol will start the 233 unit complex in late summer. This is a market that is untapped right now and Bristol seems to be filling a hole.

This one will be between 5th and 6th on Jefferson.


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I think it's ugly too. From which structures in the immediate vicinity does the Vista draw inspiration? The Mapco? The Rite Aid? Certainly not the old brick school building across the street, or the Onyx building on the next block. I think any building on this stretch of Jefferson [or anywhere, actually] should be attractive, smartly designed, and built with materials that would compliment the historic neighborhood setting. Isn't this site within the historic overlay?

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Building permits have been issued for Vista Germantown at 515 Madison St.

$32mil, to start this fall and open by spring 2012.

2 apartment buildings, total of 242 units, a 4.5 story parking garage, and 2600 sq ft retail



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If Germantown is to have such a large-scale building, that building should front Jefferson. So this is a fine spot for Vista Germantown.

Now, as to the design...I've got some concerns. I do like what Southeast Venture's architectural division has done with previous projects (1700 Midtown, Nashville School of Law Building, etc.). However, this design does seem a big uninspired and "faux traditional." The main developer is a REIT out of Ohio and that has essentially taken the lead with the blessings of Bristol Development Group. BDG will maintain a minority stake in the project and, of course, Southeast is staying on as architect.


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Smeagolsfree and ESU were driving around yesterday and they gave me a few tidbits to post.

1) Vista Germantown is a reality well underway with the pad poured for a tower crane. This will be a welcome addition to the north side skyline. The buildings massing will be somewhat of a change for Nashville. This may be the first multi-unit building of this size in Nashville that is not a tower on the skyline.

2) The owner of the 12 South Beer Taproom has located a pub in the Werthan Mills development. It may be worth trying.

3) The Adventure playpark is coming into shape, and one can visualize the lay out of the park now.

4) The NABRICO Building is really starting to show signs of the renovations as piles have been driven and concrete has been poured for the addition on the north face of the building. It would be nice to see this building finished and lit up the next time the Titans have a home game on a Sunday or a Monday night either in 2011 or 2012 if the strike commences after the draft season in the spring.

I am going to pin this thread as Vista Germantown will and should be a topic of discussion for a long while.


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