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Crane Safety In Charlotte


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By now everyone has heard of the crane collapse in NYC this past week that killed some people and crushed part of a nearby building. You may not have heard there were two more crane collapses this weekend (Las Vegas and Wyoming) that also had fatalities. Most of us here remember the crane collapse at The Park, thankfully during a time of day where nobody got hurt.

So the question is this. Do we need to be concerned here about all the cranes that dot Charlotte's skyline? Who is responsible for inspecting these things?

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I'm definitely concerned about those cranes. It looks like the ones for the Wachovia tower are pretty well grounded. However, I worry some about the ones around the Epicentre. Especially considering they now have an after work party there, outside on Thursdays. A lot of people I talked to are skeptical of going just b/c of those cranes looming over there. I wonder if they will continue to work on those sites while such events may be going on? I'm "hoping" that the people who run these events made sure the proper inspections were done prior to the start of the after work parties?

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