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Old Hotel across from FSU now gone!


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The old Ramada Inn (I believe thats what the hotel was) is now gone across from FSU campus on TN street. The hotel was located just behind the Qdoba resurant. Anyone have any news about this? Sure would be nice to see a new hotel go up in that area.

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Wow Belch, they've completely torn down that old hotel now? I saw them doing work last week on it, but they weren't that close to completely knocking it down. You're right it was a Ramada for a long time, but I believe in the last stages of its life, it was a Travelodge.

The proposal is floating around here somewhere in a thread, but they want to put up a building for student housing...I forget how many floors, a parking garage and a hotel, if my memory is working correctly.

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^^ Brevard Street Student Housing located on 2.8 acres at 1308 Brevard Street.

The proposed project is the subdivision of the site into 2 lots. The site has been approved for 200 multi-family dwelling units, a 70-room hotel, and a 145,200 square foot parking structure. The site is zoned UPUD (Urban Planned Unit Development).


I believe this is the project going at the site of the old hotel just torn down across from FSU.

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