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Columbus Streetar

Walker Evans

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It's been over two years in the research phases and we're getting closer to making rail transit a reality in Columbus again. We're the largest city in the country lacking in passenger rail transit. We once had quite a network of streetcars, but they were ripped out mid-century to be replaced with busses and highways.

Now the city's leaders are looking to rail to generate urban development. The initial starter line is a 2.8 mile stretch that will run between the Ohio State University (largest college in the nation) and connect into the southern end of Downtown. Future expansions would include extensions into German Village/Brewery District and further north into OSU's northern campus area.

Right now, City Council is in the process off giving the green light for 2 million to be invested in the engineering and financing study. The full report can be found here:


It's a very unique plan that will be utilizing fees/funds from the "Benefit Zone" surrounding the Streetcar Line so that no new tax levys will be needed to pay for the system. Here's a map of the Line & the Benefit Zone:


A great general overview of the project can be found here:


Loads of studies and research can be found here:


This is a rendering provided by the Mayor's Office as to what they envison the modern system to look like:


The "unofficial" logo:


And lastly, a great balanced look at what the locals think of the system from a Business First article on Friday:


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