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Cheshire mixed use project

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I found this one on my Bloomberg terminal then searched out the article


W/S Development of Massachusetts plans to build 639,000 square feet of retail space, about 125 condominiums and a multiscreen movie theater as large as 80,000 square feet. The conceptual plan has been approved by the Cheshire planning and zoning commission, and the developer is expected to apply for the second and final approval in the next six months, said William Voelker, Cheshire's town planner.

from the developer



This PDF has some good info on the development, most importantly a site plan


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If this development is anything like Evergreen Walk, it will be entirely useless, at least for me. Maybe I'm just not in the target demographic. I'm not a high - end, upscale person (does using a Macbook and shopping at Trader Joe's count as upscale?) . This will probably have more of the same middle age yuppy stores and the usual cookie cutter chain restaurants. At least Westfarms has JcPenny to provide some balance, so it isn't so monolithically expensive. I wonder how all these exclusive "lifestyle" centers will weather the high price of gas and the recession. Will people be able to justify 50$ t shirts and 100$ jeans in this economy?

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