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Bass Pro Shops Coming To Village at Riverwatch In Augusta


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The Development Authority of Richmond County is expected to make a major announcement today. Bass Pro Shops which has been trying to find a place here for years will make its home at the Village at Riverwatch lifestyle center. I was hoping they would pick this location.

As of right now it's scheduled to open in the fall of 2009.

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Here's the article

Bass Pro Shops to announce Augusta plans

outdoor retailer Bass Pro Shops will locate a store in the proposed Village at Riverwatch development near the intersection of River Watch Parkway and Interstate 20.

I-20 going through augusta is going to be on another level soon. They said the site is 170 acres thats a good bit of land. Great news though

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I agree with PJA. Take a look at Augusta Exchange. How long did it take for them to finally get that off the ground? It was cleared and graded and left for several years....enough time to grow small trees, then finally developed. I think this project will get jumpstarted now that Bass is coming.

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