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Hartford should have three National Parks


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We are so far behind the curve on this - as usual - that it isn't funny.

Coltsville should be a national park, of course. It should house a Samuel Colt museum and a firearms museum.

The Old State House should have been made a national park long ago. It is a locust of American history. It where the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut were adopted, it was where the Amisted trial was held, it was home to the Hartford Convention. Why this isn't a national park already is crime.

Old Wethersfield especially the Webb, Deane, Stevens houses are a national treasure. It was the site of the Yorktown Conference where General George Washington meet the commander of the French fleet, Count de Rochambeau. All they did was plan the campaign that defeated the British and ensured American independence. Why this isn't a national park is insane. It is one of the most important historic sites on the planet.

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