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"Canale Grove" Development [Cordova]

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Walnut Grove Properties LLC has proposed to build a 101-acre "new urbanism" influenced mixed-use development in unincorporated Cordova near Houson Levee Road/Hall Road according to this article in the Commercial Appeal. The firm however has delayed going to the planning board until May in order allay fears of lcoal residentsthat the development consisting of residential, office, and retail components interwined within a well-lanscaped, walkable, well intergrated environment will not negatively impact the area's character or property values in the way residents fear a proposed Wal-Mart in area could.

On the face of it this project sounds like it would be a failry drastic departure from the current suburban development of the area, so I wonder how it will be received and how it would impact the development trends of the area if it does come to fruition.

So is this new urbanism project slated for Cordova a good development for the area? Could it live up to higher urban expectations than we normally have held for this portion of Shelby County? If so, could it be the catalyst for more projects in a similar vein, and/or start a trend for the Mid-South?

Also, might anyone from the area or "in-the-know" have more specific information in regards to what this project might entail or what it might be comparable too?

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