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___ City Reminds me of ____ City in Michigan


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Ever been visiting a city somewhere out of state and noticed a certain street or neighborhood feels like somewhere close to home?

I have a few similarities

South Broad Street in Philly feels like Fort St in Detroit. Except that Broad St. has way more buildings. But Fort St. was very dense also at one time. The way the sun shined on all those old limestone buildings really reminded me of Detroit.

I think though a better comparison would be downtown Brooklyn, NY and Detroit. Actually some New Yorkers have told me they feel the same way after touring Detroit. I've only experienced parts of downtown on foot. But they do feel pretty similar, although downtown Detroit is much less gritty due to so many recent improvements.

Parts of near Southside Chicago remind me of neighborhoods in Detroit. Probably stuff south of the Eisenhower and North of 18th. Areas around UIC feel somewhat like New Center.

Camden, NJ definitely reminded me of Flint. Camden is really trying to improve and so is Flint. Both have really cleaned up downtowns, but have a lot of work to do as far as their neighborhoods go.

Parts of downtown Akron, OH felt like Grand Rapids. Could be the mix of midrise buildings amongst some taller structures.

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I wonder if a commentary can be found in the fact that many of your comparisons had at least a slightly negative slant.

I would add: Eugene, Oregon, reminds me of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Eugene is ever so slightly less wealthy and a little bit bigger, but the two towns have a lot in common in terms of character.

Suburbs and pretty similar everywhere - so there's also that.

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Hey now, I wasn't making a personal attack, I was trying to point out what seemed like an interesting phenomenon. If there was nothing to it, all you had to say was "there's nothing to it".

If you want an example though...

"Except that Broad St. has way more buildings." seems to compare these streets based on their vacancy.

I was merely pointing out an general feeling I go from your comment, nothing more. I'm perfectly OK with being wrong.

I apologize if you felt it was anything more than that.

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I thought Ceder Rapids IA reminded me a little of Grand Rapids, although a lot more bland, and if you ever drive on W bound I-24 through Chattanooga TN the approach to the city reminds me of the E bound 196 approach to GR, although Chattanooga is a lot more dramatic.

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