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Architecture Month


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April is being proclaimed "Architecture Month" by the County of Greenville and the City of Greenville! There is an entire month of activities, tours, and lectures focused on architecture in our community. We are also privileged to host the AIA touring exhibit of America's Favorite Architectural projects. This exhibit and lectures will be free to the public and located at the Main Library downtown. Three keynote speakers will headline the month's activities. Dr. David Shi will discuss campus sustainability, Miguel Rodriguez (designer of the Liberty Bridge) will lead a discussion on the design of the bridge and Marriane Cusato (designer of the Katrina House) will discuss sustainability and communities. There are many other activities and lectures and I encourage everyone to check out the site www.arch08.org for more information.

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Thanks for sharing. I definitely plan to take part in some of these events!

And welcome to the forum! I hope you join in on other discussions as well!

Also, if anyone is reading this who has any pull in such events... I'd be really interested in hearing from the architect of the Clemson Graduate School of Automotive Engineering at CU-ICAR (the Campbell building, I believe it's called). They tried to get us a tour, but the building is packed with people interested in visiting that they couldn't even get an architecture class from CLEMSON in the schedule!

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It was very good discussion. He gave some insight into the ups and downs of the design/construction process for our bridge (which really seemed like more ups than downs). He also described some of his current projects around the country and said that a good number of his clients (or potential clients) reference our bridge when seeking his services!

Architecture month continues on! There is another lecture Monday about building a "green" house on a budget...should be pretty good. Hope to see all of you there!

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