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Bay Street Station


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Bay Street Station

Excerpt from the Jax Daily Record...

Langton said ideally Bay Street Station will come out of the ground during the first quarter of 2009. In between, the Jacksonville Economic Development Commission and the City Council will have to give their approval. While a couple of variances will need approval and challenges met, Langton said the project does have one major factor going for it.

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I'm very excited about this one. If completed it will be Jacksonville's only true transit oriented development (TOD) and will bridge the gap between the new multimodal transit center and the CBD. It will also add a myriad of activity to the core giving new residents much more to do.

Langton said the idea behind the project is to build a
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This is a great thing for Jacksonville. However, I am skeptic about TOD when there is no significant transit station in Jacksonville at this point. The Skyway thing is there, but its not the kind of transit that this type of development typically supports.

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The Prime Osborne site is being redeveloped into a massive multimodal center that will integrate the skyway, commuter rail, busses, BRT, trollys, Amtrack, and Greyhound into one center. Its scheduled to start construction later this year. That will provide the cetral connection for all of Jacksonville's future transpotation options.

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Even more great things comming out of this development.... Rumor has it, the JTA is working with the developers on a possible streetcar line connecting the development to areas downtown as well. The streetcar route and skyway should be complementary and not compete for ridership.

Also, here are some more stats on the proposal:

Building Uses:

Lobby/Vertical Circulation - 60,518 square feet

Full Service Hotel - 233,168 square feet (15 story/180' tower)

Limited Service Hotel - 92,910 square feet (16 story/190' tower)

Health Club - 86,648 square feet

Parking - 181,819 square feet

Retail - 115,200 square feet

Office - 229,130 square feet (11 story/170' tower)

Theatres / Gaming - 134,970 square feet

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Finally, I've found time to be able to model some more buildings.

Here is what I threw together on Bay Street Station. The heights and proportions are pretty accurate however the details are not.

Gives you a great idea of the development's impact.

Looking Northeast from Brooklyn.


Looking Northwest from the Acosta


Up close along Bay Street



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