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Organic Grocery Store in Statesboro


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Since 1999 UGA students that eat healthy has had the option to shop at Earth Fare which is an all natural and organic supermarket and cafe. Nearly a decade later ride down the bypass and Statesboro looks more and more like Athens. Now I feel that the Boro is ready for an Organic store with the health conscious students as well as the locals in the area. Which do you think would be a better fit for the Boro, Whole Foods or Earth Fare?

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The demographics simply aren't there to support a Whole Foods. Earth Fare would be more "doable", but I doubt with the highly transient nature of GSU students, leaving most rural "meat & taters" types behind, I don't see Statesboro as an especially appealing market for them either.

Your best bet is for some entrepreneur to come along & open a small organic store.

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