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Lisbon project awaits word

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Route 12 in Lisbon = Route 85 in Waterford (minus Crystal Mall) between 395 and 95. Same concept. Jam as much retail sprawl as you possibly can in a major corridor.

But this clearly proves that Norwich is rising in influence in southeastern Connecticut and is separating itself somewhat from New London. I just wish a project like this was built IN Norwich itself and not in Lisbon, considering you have half empty older shopping plazas near Exit 80 and the Norwichtown "Mall" site. If some these old plazas consolidated and what was vacated got flattened, you could build a 2-3 story building featuring the stores you'd put in this new Lisbon development.

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Drove down 395 (again) this weekend, couldn't help but notice the nearly 100 foot high dirt mountain from the southbound side of the highway. The land clearing process is well underway, and it looks like this might be open in time for holidays 2009.

I would not want to be anywhere near Route 12 at 395 x84 in Lisbon on Black Friday... that will just be a huge horror.

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