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Naval Station Newport


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^I can vouch for the notion of a building boom on the base. Being non-military, I rarely have access to the base itself, but there are currently more cranes over the base than I've seen in a decade at least. Newport really came out a winner in the latest round of base closures, and the addition of thousands of Navy personell to the area will definitely be good for the local economy.

In other base-related news, the new gate from Burma Road into the base proper (near the carrier piers) has finally opened, and the old gate at the top of the hill has closed.

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Massive opportunity. Let's hope these three communities know what they're doing. I like Portsmouth's goals, but I can't say I'm thrilled with Middletown's or Newport's.

I don't really know what I wanted from the Navy Hospital land, but seriously another marina? And a ferry terminus, there, why there? Downtown sure, but why there? Plus there's already b****ing about preserving the buildings on the site, that's encouraging too.

And Middletown wants to create **drumrollplease** another head-ache inducing, congested asphalt f***up, West Main Rd version 2.0, except this time on the waterfront. Brilliant!

Edit: and if the best Middletown can do with the available land is create another road, then someone really ought to give at least a little consideration to the old idea of linking up to 138 to the south and 24 to the north. If you're going to make a highway, why not make a highway? And if that's what you want to do, it shouldn't be too hard to pry that money out of Uncle Sam, who loves nothing better than making highways.

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