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Lake of the Ozarks Thread

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I know this doesn't belong here but theirs probley people who shop at the Lake of the Ozarks and might want to know what's coming soon who post here http://www.loopnet.com/Attachments/3/3/C/3...E92F73C10B0.pdf

Prewitt Point

Some large users that are finalizing deals for locations in PP #1. names like Kohls or Sam's Club or MCSPORTS or HIbbits Sports are either under LOI or contract for either PP#1 or PP#2.

Deals are also pending on the pads.

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Just for people who have a Lake Home and have Charter at it

From Charter's Website Osage Beach Lineup

205 Fox Business Channel


770 HDNet Hi-Def View

771 HDNet Movies Hi-Def View

773 ESPN HD Hi-Def View

774 ESPN2 HD Hi-Def View

775 HD Theater Hi-Def View

777 HBO HDTV-East Hi-Def Premium

778 Showtime HDTV-East Hi-Def Premium

779 Cinemax HDTV-East Hi-Def Premium

780 KOLR-DT - CBS Hi-Def Lifeline

783 KYTV-DT - NBC Hi-Def Lifeline

786 KMOS-DT - PBS Hi-Def Lifeline

787 KSFX-DT - FOX Hi-Def Lifeline

790 Starz HDTV-East Hi-Def Premium

791 HDPPV Hi-Def PPV

792 Fox Sports Net Midwest - HD Hi-Def Lifeline

795 A&E HD Hi-Def View

796 History Channel HD Hi-Def View

797 TNT - HD Hi-Def View

799 MHD Hi-Def View

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