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Chicago River Architectural Tour


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Apparently all of the trains were running on the elevated tracks due to some underground work??

Chicago has several elevated heavy rail lines (locals call it the "L"), including the brown line that is in your picture. The only subway (underground) lines in Chicago are the red and blue lines and of those only the red line travels under the Chicago River.

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Gotcha. Apparently on the day I was there, according to the guide, all of the trains including the subway were using the above ground tracks. I wish I had gotten a chance to ride it...

I'm not quite sure why the guide said that. It isn't like the trains have a choice to run above or below ground. I've taken the architectural tour several times and it is amusing to hear how different guides have different stories about things. Some guides are better than others in their knowledge of the city which is unfortunate since all of the guides should pay homage to the great city and not give false facts.

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Work has been ongoing over the last couple months on the subways downtown. So, at some times, the Blue and Red lines run on the elevated tracks in the Loop. That's why the guide probably said that.

Ah ok, I was mistaken then. How are they switching the subway lines? I assume that the red line is following the brown/purple north of downtown but how are things being handled on the southern end since none of the lines follow a similar path on an elevated track. I'm confused as to how the Forest Park branch of the blue line would work under these circumstances as well.

Aside from that, what type of work is being done in the tunnels?

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