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MINIM | 11-Story LEED Mixed-Use Tower in W-S


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MINIM {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} Winston-Salem's First LEED Residential Community

This evening, I went to Walter Robbs Callahan and Pierce's event to take a look at their new project I had heard about through a DASH e-mail. To say the least, this is truly a visionary project (one's we don't see often in this town...). For those of you who attended, maybe you can remember, but MINIM is actually an acronym for, I believe, five words. The 11-story building will be located on the site of the Dill Pickle Sandwich Shop on Fourth Street and will have 5 stories of office space with the rest being residential condos. The units will range from 550-1880 sf with prices starting at $151,900 and going up to $532,500. Included in this new project is the renovation of the Patton Building. The Patton Building's roof will become "green" with its ground floor being opened up for retail (a tenant has already been signed, from my understanding). The wall bordering the Dill Pickle will be removed to create the illusion of two buildings, when, in reality, they will become one. Rence Callahan mentioned that his firm will be aiming for gold LEED certification. The presentation was rather unique with the building's details printed on recycled paper and a green color scheme with earth/environmental images. For what it's worth, Callahan said this project is dependent on the economy. More details in the photos below:














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thanks so much for going! that logo is sick!!

if everything goes as planned, did anyone mention what would happen to the Dill Pickle? although their building is severely outdated, id hate to lose another one of our classic restaurants. i hope they would consider reopening somewhere else...something tells me they wont.

we've seen several failures in downtown recently. i truly hope this doesnt fall through.

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I'm not a big fan of contemporary, but this should be great for downtown adding variety, and having a presence on the skyline. It's such a small footprint, it's too bad it can't go higher; even to 20 stories. It's also fantastic that the Patten Building will be saved and incorporated!

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What a great building for Winston! I'm so glad they did not propose another faux colonial style building. Which seems to be the cheap and easy to build model for new downtown residential. The Triad would do well to focus on innovative architecture to set it's cities apart from the Triangle and Charlotte. Hope more of this type of development continues.

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