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Having been appointed as moderator for the Miami/South Florida forum, I'd like to extend a welcome to everyone and create a place where we can share our ideas for ways to make the South Florida forum a better place for everyone. If you have thoughts or suggestions for the forum, please place them here, or feel free to send me a PM. Also, I'd love to see the membership and participation levels increase. If you know of anyone who might make a good candidate for participation here, please go ahead and let them know about us. I welcome your suggestions and participation.

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I think it was a great idea to resuscitate this forum! You've got some big shoes to fill as Aessotariq was arguably the best of all UrbanPlanet moderators but I feel you're up to the task tom.

If I may make a few suggestions, I've noticed some of the topics are duplicated making for somewhat of a confusing setup for those of us who've been around for a while. Could we merge these topics to alleviate this confusion?

Are you discontinuing the South Florida picture of the day thread? I noticed it's not pinned anymore. I always enjoy viewing each forums Picture of the day threads, its one of those things you can click on if you click on nothing else, ya know?! Other than that I'd like to say good luck and I'll be here from Tallahassee often to put in my two cents.

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Thanks for the suggestions Florida! I'd love to see the Picture pf the Day thread flourish. As for merging threads, I have done a bit of this, but would like to do much, much more. If anyone sees anything which should receive attention, please send me a PM and I'll take care of it. I'm preparing for a trip abroad, so I'll be scarce during the next month. I hope to find some time this week before I go to get things done. Your thoughts and encouragement are most welcome. Tom

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