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Grand River Cleanup OCT 6


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Hey all,

There is a cleanup effort being organized for the river at 6th Street Dam on Saturday Oct. 6th from 9-12. Pizza, refreshments, gloves, bags and T-shirts will be provided for volunteers. Check this website below for more information:


What a great opportunity to meet other progressives and do something good for our finest natural resource.

Hope to see you there!

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APK - As I watched a family fishing near Bridgewater Place on Saturday and tossing their plastic worm containers into the river before they left, I realized that many of the river's users are just that- users. As an avid angler, I see so many "little" atrocities like that on a regular basis and it makes me sick. I would like to think that by helping keep our river clean, we are sending the message that being progressive can mean something as little as making the effort to use a garbage can.

BTW, I confronted said family about their waste issue, but through broken English, I'm pretty sure I was told I might be stabbed. Nice.

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