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Harry Dolan Selected as Chief of Raleigh PD


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I hope the long-promised online crime statistics finally see the light of day. RPD has been playing with the software for months, but has yet to announce anything.

I think Chief Perlov did a good job with improving community ties, but that is easier said than done in some areas. It will be interesting to see what happens going forward.

I would like to see the continuation of the district system. The northern districts (2-1,2,3) look/feel too big, the southern districs (2-4,6) seem overworked, and the downtown district (2-5) seems too small until the core starts filling in.

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I guess the thing that i'm most concerned about is Raleigh's status quo in terms of crime, and maybe how complacent we've become as a result of having such a low crime rate compared to other cities. I do believe that there will be a day when the crime rate will increase, and we are seeing signs of that already. It always accompanies growth and the densification of a city. As more people come and as they live closer together, crime will increase, that's just a fact of life.

I think that Dolan may understand this and will take proactive steps to deal with this going forward. We can't afford to have a chief that falls asleep at the wheel. Things could get ugly very quickly, simply because we are not used to dealing with increased crime. This has implications for every aspect of our community.

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The swearing in ceremony gave some insights into Dolan's view for the future of the RPD.

I like the idea of "community policing" but that's easier said than done, especially in North Raleigh where the area to patrol gets larger every year. I do like getting other groups involved to solve the drop-out problem, as it is a direct correlation to the gang problem in the city. While the failure to graduate in four years is "only" 17 percent for the county, that is probably a lot higher in some areas and lower in others.

Expanding the CHOICES program would be nice as well. If the 42 percent reduction in violent crime can be maintained, that will be a big boost to the community and more than pay for itself with the reduded paperwork, policing/overtime, etc.

I don't know why a city the size of Raleigh has not had a Police Athletic League either. It can help intergrate the police as a positive role model into the good parks and rec leagues already in place. It seems like a no brainer to offer an altertative to gangs that build a sense of self worth, community, and team work.

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