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Republic story,The mayor wants to find out and create medical district to help revitalize the cities core, and attract medical research that could be vital to the region, and state.

Phoenix hopes to add another layer to its downtown-revitalization effort in the form of a mile-long biomedical district that would allow multiple hospitals, specialty clinics and research institutions to expand or locate in the city's core.

The idea, the brainchild of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, could have a significant and lasting impact on the regional and state economy.

An expanded biomedical district would offer the opportunity for critical mass, which could help in recruiting companies and research groups to downtown.

Is this to little to late? This is being announced in 2007, where major medical research centers have been established in, California, Massechusetts, Michigan, and Minesota to name a few. All of those had been started and funded a good 15 years ago atleast. These places have a huge jump on anything being planned now. The entire country is gunning for this kind of industry, as it is seen as the future of the economy. Can anything solid come out of this? Does Arizona have the kind of private money these other places have to really get something like this off the ground?

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Gilberts first hospital busier than expected.

This really isn't big news, but It brought up a bigger question for me. What i've seen in Arizona, is a bunch of small hospitals everywhere. I can only compare to what I know in Michigan. Michigan is home to bohemoth hospitals. In Grand Rapids alone, Spectrum Healths downtown campus, Has a good eight buildings all at 10 floors or more, and it gets bigger year by year. However other hospitals in the area are just as big. Are the smaller Hospitals here, just more indicitive of the growth that's occured in the Last 40 years? Are suburban hospitals supposed to be small. It would kind of make sense to me, because the hospitals in Michigan, are at the center of concentrated urban cores, which just don't exist in Arizona. But for as big as AZ is expected to get, on top of the fact that life sciences is the new hot industry, wouldn't it make sense if the hospitals out here were a little bigger?

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Ironically enough I say that in my last post and this one comes along.

New hospitals may be high-rises

The extra land downtown is drying up, so UA/ Banner may be forced to build up, and not out which is fine with me. It's better in the long run to spend the extra $. Will this kind of project create that large hospital I was talking about? Will we finally go full circle?

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