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A Different Kind of Casino Propoasl in Bay St. Louis


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Hester Plauche Proposes A New Kind of Casino for Downtown Bay St. Louis

Bay St. Louis resident Hester Plauche and a partner from New Orleans are proposing a $100m casino project in downtown Bay St. Louis. Unlike most casinos, this one would incorporate at least two historic structures and would recall a vanished hotel (the long-gone Pickwick Hotel which burned in 1917) in an ambitious three square block project. The parking garage would be mostly concealed behind retail space. A gazebo and ampitheater also add public amenities to the area. The full proposal will go before the City Council on the 16th. The hotel would have 400 rooms, but restaurant services would be handled through local restaurants. This is an interesting idea I haven't seen employed elsewhere.

WLOX TV 13- video included

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Bay St. Louis Casino Proposal- Some Residents Aren't Drinking the Kool-Aid

Not evceryone is delighted with the prospect of a casino in downtown Bay St. Louis. Many residents expressed frustration and anger that their beloved downtown would be sullied with a commercial casino. Residents (rightfully) are also demanding to see more complete drawings of the proposed casino. At this point, I'll just say that the project seems interesting. I'd also like to see more in the way of a concrete proposal.

Hotel-Online- The Sun Herald

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