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Anchorage Museum of History & Art - Expansion 2004

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Here they are. It looks like they're keeping the model on display there for a while. If you've seen Chipperfelds past works, this should be quite familiar to what is going on in Des Moines, Iowa and their museum.

This is likley to be the expansion plan chosen for the site which formally hosted a jail and fire department. The current museum was built in the 1980's with many other city projects in the 80's. Now the museum needs room to grow and it hopes this will be what its all about :D


If you look at the height of the humans, and factor in the fact that we are taller than cars -- this building should be as tall the federal buildings across the street.




as you can see, the staff at the museum are pretty proud.. proud enough to lay some cardboard on the roof :no: :D


you can see the escolator here.. notice the alaska map is really clear-transparent.




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oh yeah, while not the best - anything like this is extremely great for Anchorage. Its seriously been since the 1980's that a municiple goverment building like this will be built for the public. here's a quick rundown of 'Project 80's'.

1980's -

Performing Arts Center

Sullivan Sports Arena

ZJ Loussac Public Library

Anchorage Museum of History and Art

pretty short, but each of these facilities really were (and still are) out of proportion for what was a town of 250,000 at the time.

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