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Weaverville Walmart


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We are moving to Marshall, 7 miles northwest of Weaverville later this year and hoping someone might provide an update on the big shopping center planned in Weaverville.

I was so bummed when I first heard that this was coming to Weaverville, but finally resigned myself to the fact that it was likely inevitable.

At first I heard or read Target and Loew's as anchors being batted about. Recently articles say Walmart...

Just the idea of a massive complex is depressing, but Target at least would have been better than a Walmart.

Anybody have any updated info?


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It's been approved, and the people who were losing their mobile homes have been kicked out... so clearly it's happening. Everything I've heard says that this will be a Super Wal-Mart. And with Super Wal-Mart here, expect a power center the likes of Southridge on Airport Road to spring up at this major interchange shortly.

With all this commercial development comes more sprawling residential development, the likes of what has taken over south Buncombe. North Buncombe, are you ready?

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