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Mecklenburg County Logo versus Seal


Logo vs Seal  

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    • What is Mecklenburg County?

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Well, I had heard of the County's plans to pursue a logo they could use that would seem less dowdy than their old seal. The seal would still be used officially, but in places where more modern imagery was needed, the logo would be used.

I must say that I agreed with the premise for the logo when I heard of it, but this one is TERRIBLE! It looks like ocean waves for crying out loud. This isn't a coastal county. It's like it was chosen from clipart.

As UP posters sometimes do better than expensive consultants, what would you guys recommend? Or do more UP people prefer the old seal or the new logo?

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But why did they make the bright, cheery, modern, and concise logo look like ocean waves? That is what doesn't make sense to me. I like the idea of a logo to use in addition to the seal, but this one just does not make me think 'Mecklenburg County' in any way. The crown logo makes people think of the 'queen city' and know exactly what it is referring to. This one is just perplexing.

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While I agree with the concept of having both a seal (which would be representative of the county in a more official capacity) and a logo (for more unofficial purposes), I'm in agreement with Bill James on this one; it looks like the superhero logo for "Tsunami Man." Even though it's just a logo, it should still have something that reflects the character, identity, or history of the county.

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Most logos tend to tell you a little something about what they represent. This new logo lets me know Mecklenburg starts with an "M" and nothing more.

The old logo isn't something I think needs to change. If we must have a logo, why not something more representative, Queen Charlotte, Banking, Hornets Nest, anything other than the boring simplistic first letter of the county name.

This new logo would make a great marketing piece for swimwear or a surf shop.

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while i utterly disdain the new proposed logo for mecklenburg county - i think it would be a shame to not use it and let our taxpaying money go to waste.

that's why i am proposing that this new logo (which only says MC) be used as an avatar by our own MIESIAN CORNERS. as a hard-working taxpayer - i could sleep easy with that end result. :) miesian, however, might not.

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