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Old Detroit Panos


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I found these while looking for pics of Detroit's old city hall & thought you all might enjoy them. They are all from www.hellodetroit.com. These are all before Detroit really boomed in the 1920s, hence the lack of tall skyscrapers. I've probably posted some of them before, but they're worth posting again so some of the new members can see them.

Campus Martius, 1914


Riverfront, 1908


Grand Circus Park, 1916


President Taft at the Michigan State Fair, 1911


1907 World Series - Chicago vs. Detroit. (This was played at Bennett Park, at Michigan & Trumbull, where the now vacant Tiger Stadium stands today).


Campus Martius, 1914 (During GAR Parade)


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Found one last pano, a 360 degree pano from the roof of the Hammond Building, Detroit's first skyscraper. I'm not sure on the date, but it's definately pre-1910 because the only other skyscraper is the Majestic Building.


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