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Dubai land!!!!


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The worlds Largest Entertainment Complex......2wice the size of DysneyLand and 100x the size of Monaco........almost the size of the present built up area of Dubai.......Ladies and Gentlemen i give you DUBAI LAND

Construction has already started!!!!

Dubai has launched one of the biggest construction projects in the world, the $5 billion Dubailand mixed-use theme park, a Middle East answer to Disneyland.

To be built on two billion square feet of land behind the Emirates Road stretching from the back of Emirates Hills down almost to The Creek, the theme park consists of 45 separate projects from a space exploration exhibition to full-size dinosaur enclosure.

Phase One with the core facilities will be completed within two years, while the progress of the rest of the project depends on the willingness of the private sector to participate in this immense project.

Announcing the project to the Dubai community Crown Prince General Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum sharply called on local businessmen not to keep their money in a bank account but to invest in Dubai.

Dubailand includes the biggest shopping mall in the world, The Mall of Arabia, several new five-star hotels including one built in sand dunes, an indoor ski-slope, a complex of sports stadiums, and an ecological dome to grow vegetation in the heart of the desert.

There will also be an equestrian centre, aviation display, modern art gallery, water amusement park, multi-cultural garden complex, the largest zoo in the Middle East, Pyramids and much more.

However, the most striking thing about Dubailand will be its immense scale. This is a huge area of land and the project will be almost as large as the present built-up area of Dubai.

Dubailand is designed to entertain and amuse the 15 million tourists a year Dubai intends to attract and will vastly add to the hospitality infrastructure of the emirate. This is to be nothing less than the leisure and entertainment hub of the Middle East, and a world-class tourism attraction similar to Disneyland in Florida.

Once again the vision of His Highness has stunned the Dubai business community. But this project has been two years in creation and there will be a spate of announcements about local and international groups' participation in Dubailand over the next few months.

For anyone who wondered what future guests staying in Dubai would do with their time, and how they would spend their money this is the answer. Dubailand is a bold vision of the modern Middle East and its own dynamic will be the key to its success.

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That whole country is like the world's best SimCity player come to life. What 25 years of oil money can do (Houston and Dallas expanded this rapidly in the 1970s and 1980s too).

Saw a piece on CNBC on Dubai and UAE, their airline is top notch, they are building Miami and Ft. Lauderdale like residential communities out into the Persian Gulf and giving away a few houses to world celebrities to draw attention to the communities, the building boom there is rapid fire, it will be an Asian century but not the Asia of the far east . . . the Asia of Dubai.

Pittsburgh's vaunted Carnegie Mellon University (arguably the #1 Technology, #1 Engineering and #1 Arts University in the world) opened up a second branch campus there (the other branch campus is in Silicon Valley).

Here's hoping Mayor Tom Murphy can get Dubai West going here in the 'burgh :lol:

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First of all let me tell u that its a misconception that that the city or the state of Dubai lives on oil!!! UAE as a whole has a lot of oil!! But 99% of this oil is in the capital state of Abu Dhabi which does not help dubai in anyway!!! Its like New York and Illinois. Both dont scratch each others back!! Yes oil in dubai did help it to kickstart the economy but you would be surprised to know that unlike other rulers sheik mohammed already knew that he had to start building up on non oil trade!!!! Dubai is a trade hub!! It always has been one!!! It has the 2nd largest port in the world, the Jebal Ali Port which is also the largest man made port in the world!!! It has expanded soo much in the hospitality industry like no other country in Asia has!!! Oil right now accounts for 7% of the total economic trade in Dubai!!! By 2010 its going to be 2%!! And the place is going richer by the day!!!! Thats a fact!!



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I've got some news on the mall in Dubailand.

Starbucks has announced that it will build the largest STARBUCKS IN THE WORLD IN THE MALL!!!!!!!

Also, Virgin Record Store has announced it will build a 6,000 sq. ft Mega Store in the Mall.

For those of you who don't know much about the Mall. The Mall is planned to be the largest in Dubai and one of the biggest in the world. It will have over 1000 retailers, depending on the requirements of the tenants. Around ten percent of these will be food outlets. There will be a large international hypermarket. The Mall is designed to provide themed areas or "destinations" to make shopping easier, so that those wanting, for instance, to visit luxury shops or have treatment in the spa, will be guided to a quieter part of the Mall, away from the children's play area, the food courts, the electronic goods and technology stores, the bowling alley or the sports and leisure activities area. In the centre of the Mall will be an open area for theatrical or promotional events and exhibitions. The Mall will provide covered parking for over 10,000 vehicles.

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:yahoo: Here's a big update on the entire Dubailand Development. :yahoo:

Ski Dubai launches to the public on December 2nd and will be open seven days a week from 10am-10pm.

Ski Dubai juts out of the Mall of the Emirates - the largest shopping centre outside the States - looks like a giant metallic elbow. Just off the Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai's main thoroughfare, the tube-like structure is far from pretty, an unusual blip in this aesthetically conscious city. The 22,500 square metre space (which allegedly holds over 6,000 tonnes of snow), has five-slopes. It has been estimated that atleast 1,500 people will use Ski Dubai daily.

Also inside Ski Dubai, the world's first indoor black run is included on the highest slope, it stretches for 400 metres with a fall of over 60 metres.

The kids' facilities - a 3,000 square metre ice cave, billed as the 'largest indoor snow park in the world' - are a child's fantasy of Dahl-esque ingenuity. Based beneath the slopes and already open to the public, they offer bobsleds, custom-built hills for tobogganing, a snowball shooting range and dedicated spaces for the construction of snowmen. Inside the 'snow cavern', chilly kids blunder their way around an ice maze, try to keep their balance on a wobbling 'ice-floe', and make friends with an enormous dragon constructed from large blocks of sculpted ice.

Using technology similar to that found in the air-conditioning units that make the town habitable, the temperature has been lowered to -8C for this initial period of snowmaking. With the temperature at rock bottom, liquid water is atomised to create a cloud inside the building which is then sprinkled with tiny ice particles, forming snow that falls from the cloud as flakes - driven snow at its very purest. Thankfully, once Ski Dubai is open the snowmaking sessions will happen only overnight, with normal skiing sessions conducted at a far-less-ferocious two degrees below.

The luxury-jaded inhabitants of Dubai will no doubt swiftly come to view skiing at the height of the 45-degree summer as a run-of-the-mill activity. Nevertheless, Ski Dubai is making every effort to turn desert-dwellers into expert polesmiths. There are no fewer than 25 ski instructors on hand to give lessons, and a pair of Scandinavian expats has pre-emptively set up a Dubai Ski Club to organise social trips to the slopes. It already has a membership of more than 300. Once Dubaians have become addicted to this prestigious new pastime, they can invest in it properly, picking up Rossignol boards, Sidas boots and Barts jackets from the complex's Snow Pro store.

Coming soon - excess all areas ...

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Will this be the biggest amusement park in the world?

Not amusement park. Dubailand has 2-4 amusement parks in the world.

But it will be the largest entertainment center in the world, easily three times bigger than the entire Disneyworld complex that consists of all the hotels, the four theme parks, three waterparks, Downtown Disney, Wide World of Sports, and other pavillions in the complex.

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The Project has been expanded from 2 Billion Square feet to 3 Billion Square feet.

It is now going to be 3 Times the size of the Walt Disney World Complex!!!!!


That's amazing!

I may be taking a trip to Dubai in August '06, I really hope I am able to go and see all of these developments first hand!

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Massive masterplan


City of Arabia

cityofarabia15ej.th.jpg cityofarabia22wt.th.jpg cityofarabia35ax.th.jpg cityofarabia44fn.th.jpg

cityofarabia57vt.jpg cityofarabia65ot.th.jpg cityofarabia70nk.th.jpg new10ol.th.jpg

new20iy.th.jpg new34lt.th.jpg

Golf City

golfcity14dh.th.jpg golfcity21wn.th.jpg golfcity36us.th.jpg

golfcity48gm.th.jpg golfcity50uu.th.jpg golfcity68dt.th.jpg

Legends Dubai (a big theme park)

legendsdubai99wu.th.jpg legendsdubai8bh.jpg legendsdubai26qi.th.jpg legendsdubai31xh.th.jpg legendsdubai49li.th.jpg

legendsdubai64ky.jpg legendsdubai77wl.th.jpg legendsdubai85qk.th.jpg legendsdubai53cn.th.jpg

With Dubailand keep iin mind that it's way different to disneyland. A lot of the land will be taken up by a massive safari type thing and it also seems this project is geared towards people of all ages rather than kids and teens

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