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The U.S. Virgin Islands

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I was searching around and found this thead and I thought I would share some pictures from my deployment to the Virgin Islands. These pictures were taken at St. Croix's Gallows Bay in 2003 right after our battalion (NMCB 7) got back from Iraq, the project that is shown the the new Virgin Island Police Department Marine Unit Headquarters, the building is the Royal Building System brought in from Canada it can withstand hurricane force winds up to 185 mph for 15 min, it is made of a series of interlocking panels that are filled with steel reenforced concrete.

Lt. Gov. Vargrave Richard Ribbon Cutting


Standing in ranks


Getting ready for the ribbon cutting


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I lived in St Thomas from May 2005 - April 2006, then St Croix from April 2006 - May 2006. It was a great experience! If anyone has questions or wants to know anything specific, feel free to send me a PM or post here! I'll try to get some of my pics together to post on here. My apartment overlooked Magen's Bay and my office was across the street from the Cruise Ship dock. I worked with a great mix of locals & state-siders. It was a blast and a big eye-opener. Alas, my fiance couldn't move down, so I ended up going back to Michigan.

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