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E-Voting, Do you trust it?


Do you trust E-Voting machines?  

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  1. 1. Do you trust E-Voting machines?

    • No - They are too easily tampered with
    • Yes - but only if there is a paper trail
    • I don't vote

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Regardless of your political affiliation, do you trust the e-Voting machines that most of us will end up using in the next election. There seems to be some issues with how trustworthy these machines might be. I saw a special on CNN about the deficiencies of these machines because congress hasn't done anything to establish standards for them. One of the e-Voting machines is even owned by a foreign country, Venezuela, which isn't exactly on good terms with the government here.

So the question is, do you trust these machines, and if not, what should do you think should be done about them?

Please no discussions on the political parties and/or of individual politicians, including Bush. We have plenty of other threads where you can do that. .

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I don't trust them a lick. Not that the current standard ballot is the solution, I just have questions with the reliability of an e-voting machine. It seems like my vote could too easily be lost with no way to account for what it was a later date. At least with the punch card system, my vote is retrievable.

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I trust the optical scan voting machines we use here in RI. The vote is electronically recorded, but because there is a paper trail (you vote by marking a paper ballot that is then scanned by the machine), there is a way of ensuring the machine's accuracy if necessary.

On the other hand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the proven technologies we have been using for over two hundred years.

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I think ideally they are more accurate than paper ballots with humans counting, but they are too open to tampering. The penalties for vote tampering should be severe.

I mean.. what happens if the machines do err.. do we tell everyone to come back and vote again? I mean... there has to be a paper trail.

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The problem, for me anyway, isn't that there's no paper trail and that the software is flawed. It's the political history of these machines.

The media is mostly showing these machines as a way around the problems in Florida in 2000 with hanging chads, butterfly ballots etc. What they don't realize is that the problem in Florida was Katherine Harris/Choice Point scrubbing the rolls clean of anyone with dark skin.

Do some homework:

Google Avi Rubin, Rebecca Mercuri, Todd and Bob Urosevich, verified voting, black box voting or check out Amazon.com's selection of books about election fraud and the 2004 election.

I don't like the fact that they may be here to stay, but the FEC could at least regulate the damn machines. They haven't even done that yet.

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People here are not worried about voting machines messing up, because while we do use electronic voting, we do not use the machines that many states are using.

Here, you fill out a paper ballot, and then you feed that into an optical scan machine which counts the vote. The paper ballot is kept for records.

2 or 3 precincts are chosen at random in each county and counted by hand. If there are discrepencies of over 1%, then a recount is called for the whole county.

The largest problem that we had in MN on primary day (the first time such machines were used) was that some of the precinct workers hadn't gotten the machines up and ready by opening time at 7am.

I have full confidence in our voting system here. It's in places that are using the touch screen computers with no paper trails that scare me.

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Watch this. It's long, but it is very powerful. You'll be amazed at what they found.

Personally, I've just become more convinced that the 2000 and 2004 elections were both stolen. And if they weren't, it just shows how easy it would be to steal one.

I've lost a lot of trust for our democracy by just watching that. It's time for American citizens to take our democracy back.

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^Watched this weekend on TV, of note was near the end when they were about to bust this "case" open and then the supreme court ended the recount, effectively ending their case that fraud was going on. It still came out, but by then the country had moved on, and people had had enough of the recounting affair, were desensitized to it, and so didn't get the message - that fraud had almost certainly occurred, and was more widespread than Florida.

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They had a recount in SC yesterday for the Lt. Governor's and State Superintendant of Education's elections. Apparently, there IS some sort of paper record kept from the e-voting machines, because they showed reams of paper being loaded into counting machines. The paper looked like the final confirmation screen you saw just before you hit the Vote button.

That's all I really know about it, but iI was kinda shocked because I was under the impression that was all done electronically.

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