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Lake Conestee Park - First phase opens on Saturday


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And copperheads... we didn't see any today, but there have been a few spotted by volunteers during their efforts to create the park. There's a photo of one at the parking lot kiosk to help you recognize them if you've never seen one.

I got a few photos this afternoon when we got back from up at Jones Gap. I'm not 100% certain how they turned out - downloading them to the laptop now. I'll upload a few in a bit. We stuck to the yellow trail and the red loop because we had a bicycle stroller and didn't want to deal with too many stairs. It's very nice. They were still putting up directional signage this afternoon as we were there. Everyone we spoke to was extremely enthusiastic about this park and its future and the future of the entire trail system from below Lake Conestee all the way to T.R.. This is definitely a VERY SPECIAL place for Greenville County, its residents, and anyone who wants to come and enjoy it.

We learned today that Taylor Island between the old Reedy River channel and the current river channel is a high ground where native americans used to camp, work on their tools and weapons, etc. If you look closely along the trail, you'll notice chips of quartz that were left behind by the native americans from thier activities on the island.

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Here are a few decent ones, but nothing stellar, unfortunately.

The Parking Lot at the end of Henderson Avenue:


A Trail Marker along the Yellow Trail:


The original Reedy River Channel (now a wetland):


The Reedy River from the Reedy River Overlook along the Red Trail Loop (the old Municipal Stadium is on the other side of the buffer on the opposite bank):


The boardwalk crossing the old Reedy River Channel along the Red Trail Loop:


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