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County riverfront park system?


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I was disappointed at how the article made it sound like Pittsburgh was behind the times in riverfront revitalization. In fact, we are being recognized as a worldwide leader in the field.

I have to dig through my old "Urban Land" magazines to find the quote about that, but I will try and do that today.

At any rate, I think the proposal would be very cool.

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I hadn't even had a chance to look for the old quote about the Allegheny as an urban river model, when my new edition of Urban Land was slipped under my office door. The ULX feature this month is "Top Ten Urban Parks." Guess what was ranked number one...

1. Allegheny Riverfront Park

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Landscape Architect: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.,

New York, New York

After highways cut off downtown Pittsburgh from the Allegheny River, all that remained of the riverfront was a narrow, 3,000-foot-long (914-m-long) strip of land, divided along its length by a 25-foot-high (7-m-high) flood wall. During the 1990s, the nonprofit Pittsburgh Cultural Trust began working to reconnect the city to the river and spark redevelopment in the adjacent cultural district. The park

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Here is the rub:

"It's complicated because 70 of the 130 municipalities are on the riverfront, but there are great gains that have been made in getting back the riverfronts."

Another reason why Pittsburgh needs consolidation. The park is a great idea facing ridiculous obstacles. If it weren't for the political geography, this park might already exist.

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