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What about Louisville makes you Proud?


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What about Louisville makes you proud to say hey im from there? I was just curious was reading another article and thought it might be neat to express some ideas. Just looking for some insight on what natives think about there own city. Sine I'm a transplant I love to learn new things about my new home city Louisville. Thanks guys! Just for example someone could say I love the public school systems just looking to see what sticks out in your head about your city.

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Even though I'm not from Louisville (I am from Kentucky), I'll try to "prime the pump" on this thread. As a frequent visitor to Louisville, here are the things that make me proud that Louisville is in Kentucky:

1. Great neighborhoods: St. Matthews, Highlands, Old Louisville...

2. Great parks: Cherokee and Seneca come to mind

3. Great people: as a whole, the people of Louisville are friendly and sincerely love and take pride in their city

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