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Favorite Java Hut?

The Tot Pack

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Cafe Coco! I used to live 1/2 block from it, and went all the time. Ate dinner there last weekend and realized how much I miss hanging out there. It's one of the most eclectic places to hang in town, especially late night/early morning. Bongo and Fido are good too, but I hit one of the downtown Provence locations every morning en route to the office.

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Take anyone who thinks Nashville is a one horse hick town to Cafe Coco. I've never been to a place with so much diversity. They used to have a room dedicated to playing Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. Too bad they don't do that anymore since it's mostly George Snoory.

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As far as the coffee itself [rather than the coffee shop] I rank them

1. Frothy Monkey - IMO the best-tasting coffee in town, and it's consistent

2. Wild Oats - Not the best place to hang out, but they know how to brew coffee. It's up there with Frothy

3. Provence - They get good quality beans, but could make the brews a little stronger. I get most of my daily fixes there.

4. Noshville - Good as it gets at a diner

5. Sam & Zoe's - I don't go much but it's always good

6. Bongo Java/Fido - they brew it a little too strong but it's consitent

7. Cafe Coco - I like the place, but the coffee is so-so. I don't think they roast beans and I'm not sure where they get them.

8. Starbucks - Very, very rarely do I go there since #3 has a store downtown

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Good news for Java junkies. Dunns Brothers coffee is now open in the bottom of the L and C Tower downtown, and a Joe Muggs is going to open in Nashville West. I have been to the one in Atlanta, but there may be some protest as the Joe Muggs I went to in Atlanta has a large pornography section!

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Yep, SIP is a good neighborhood place. It's nice that after the opening Friday, I can stop in, say hi to Kathryn and Jack, the owners, and they know my name. I had to dress up this morning extra special for work. I'd stopped in early Sat. morning in my landscape atttire and when I got back for round 2, Kathryn said, "I didn't recognize you without your "wife beater." Mercy.

Please, if in the Inglewood/Riverside drive area, support these folks. Super nice and taking part in a much needed renaissance of an intersection with so much potential to become a modern day version of what I remember about it when I was much younger...before many things stepped in the change it. Soon, there will be a restaurant, along with the always good Castrillos Pizza, the East Nashville School of Music, a used music and bookstore (already open)...it does my heart good. So many things here revolve around reestablishing these cool little neighborhood commercial districts. I'm talking this one up as I'm about mile away and it's always on my way to work each morning.

Thanks Raider for sharing a cup of joe Sat. morning.

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