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Life Between Buildings Author will speak in GR


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You are invited to attend a presentation by Jan Gehl, who is well known in the urban design community for his advocacy of the

idea that cities should be designed for people rather than cars; he's done a lot of work on the relation between public space and social interaction.

Topic: The human dimension of urban planning and design

Time: Thursday, November 9, 7:30pm. (Refreshments served between 7:00 and 7:30pm). There is no cost for attendance.

Place: The Calvin College Chapel (Calvin map: www.calvin.edu/map )

Mr. Gehl is Principle of Gehl Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark; Head of the Department of

Urban Design at the School of Architecture in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in

Copenhagen; Director of the Center for Public Space Research at the Royal

Academy; Author of "Life Between Buildings" and "New City Life" (among other books on public



This lecture is co-hosted by Calvin College and the Grand Valley Chapter of the


Co-sponsored by:

The Art Department

The GEO Department

The Philosophy Department

The Provost's Office

The Sociology Department

of Calvin College

Underwritten by:

Bazzani and Associates

The Frey Foundation


Jade Pig Ventures

Progressive AE

Nederveld and Associates

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