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A couple Misc Developments


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Here's a couple new projects, some of them already completed that didn't receive too much fanfare, but still very cool.

This isn't so cool:


Ahh, the mighty Plaza Tower...spreading its uglyness across the skyline. At least it's better than U-Towers!


Hmmm, wanna check those colors again?


This is the reason why AA is afraid to build anything over 15 floors.


This building just came out of nowhere, I swear. 1 day it was a parking lot, and the next day you have a new cingular store and a Mexican Restaurant. I love the building though.


This used to be a gravel lot. This looks nicely scaled with the neighborhood


Moving a house on Division and Washington. I heard something about a 12 story building going up there. Not to many details.

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It is. I was wondering if site preparation is about to, or has, started taking place.

In fact, I have a questions concerning quite a few low/mid/high-rises that have been proposed/approved over the last few years:

1. Washington Terrace: 401-413 East Washington Street, 11 floors, residential, tentative 2008 completion

2. Glen Ann Place: Glen Avenue and East Ann Street, 10 floors, residential, tentative 2007 completion

3. Kingsley Lane Lofts: West Kingsley Street at North Ashely Street, 9 floors residential, tentative 2007 completion

4. Metro 202: 202 South Division Street, 9 floors residential, tentative completion date unknown

I do know from recent contact with the developers of the William Street Station, the tallest proposal of them all, that the plans are still moving foward as planned.

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The Glen-Ann has a demo fence up, but I believe the houses on that site must be moved to a new location. The difficult thing in Ann Arbor is demolition, alot of things have to be relocated on the site first before anything happens.

The site where the gallery is still has the old Greek Orthodox church standing. When that gets demoed/moved, I'll believe something is giong to happen.

Metro 202, if that's what is going up on Washington and Division then that is why the house on that site is being moved to another location.

Kingsley. I know that is going to be built for sure, but I haven't checked out the site.

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If the house is on the NE corner of Washington and Division, then it is being moved for Washington Terrace. I believe they've postponed the moving date several times to work out the route and logistics, but currently it will happen on October 15. Hopefully someone will take pictures!

The last time I checked, I haven't seen anything happen for Kingsley Lane either. I wonder what the hold up is?

By the way, Wolverine, those are great pictures. I walked by Loft322 the other day and it looks pretty good.

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Yeah, I've found that Ann Arbor development seems to fly very low under the radar screen from my research. It's probably one of the hardest cities to keep up to date on in terms of development, because these projects have so many more hoops to jump through that you don't find in most other Michigan cities.

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I heard about the improvements being made to the tallest building, but is it seriously going to have teal below the windows? That's boo! It would do wonders to the appearance if that part of the facade was glass as well, maybe just with a slight tint or something. That poor girl has been ugly all her life and is going to be reincarnated as such.

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