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RIP Ann Richards


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I was very sad to hear tonight that Ann Richards, the former governor of Texas, has died from cancer at the age of 73. Richards was a witty larger than life character who had a sincerity about her that is so rare in politics today. A strong advocate for womens rights, Richards appointed a great deal of women and minorities to posts in state gov't. Her speech before the 1988 DNC, spoken in her brilliant Texas accent, is generally regarded as one of the best speeches of the 20th centuty.


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That is definitely sad.

I always loved Ann Richards. She had a way of superceding politics with her personality: even her rivals seemed to like her. She also typified much of what Texas really is about (past all of the BS), at least to me.

Also one of the few people, and I believe the only politician, portrayed in a positive light by Mike Judge (there was a whole "King of the Hill" episode about her).

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I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Ann Richards at a Democratic fundraiser in Columbia about a dozen years ago. She was as approachable, friendly and wonderful in person as she was on television. It is very rare that you meet a celebrity and they are down to earth in person. She was truly one of the greatest women of our time and I wish she had become the first woman President. She will be greatly missed.


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