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Perkins Rowe


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****PERKINS ROWE*** Baton Rouge's First Urban Village

56-acres located at the intersection of Bluebonnet Blvd. & Perkins Road.

Perkins Rowe is a blend of trendy stores, restaurants, office and residential space, a theatre and even a "town square" and "town hall" in it's design. The BR Neurological is currently at the location.

The intial phase is 25-acres(almost 1/2)

Here is the most up-to-date pic


About 75% of Perkins Rowe space is leased as of now:

*Cinemark Theatre-adjacent to Town Square

Barnes & Noble, Bally's Total Fitness, CVS Drugstore, The Fresh Market, Citizens Bank, to name a few.

Another large retailer Parisians was mentioned before it was bought.

*Several parking gargages

*Residential units will be on the 2nd,3rd and 4th floors above the retail areas.

The 9-story Vermillion condo tower was put on hold; The city would like to add a Perkins/Picardy connector road on the eastern edges of Perkins Rowe. But they are not exactly sure where? Currently 39% of the first phase of the development will be residential.

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I will be sure to post pics of my own and keep updating on the project.

My night-time pics did not come out. I had wanted to post them. The smoke-stack icon with Perkins Rowe "lit-up" is what I was going for. I'll get those ASAP.

As I've learned from Rod and Nate, for nighttime photography, a tripod is pretty much a must. You have to set a slower shutter speed to be able to capture nighttime photos, and with a slow shutter speed you can't hold the camera steady enough to keep it from blurring. Even still, if you don't have a shutter switch, you have to be sure and press the shutter button softly enough that you don't shake the camera and/or tripod while takng the photo.

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I don't see a link to the Perkins Rowe website in this thread, so for those from outside of the region who may want to know more about it, here is the link: http://www.perkinsrowe.com/.

And Tommy... no problem. The link in your signature worked well, obviously. :)

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I think the 1st phase target date should be the Spring 07'.

BTW, in the first pic with the Perkins Rowe lights; that's the 12-story Bluebonnet Towers in the background

Is that tower the place that Jimmy Swaggart built? Sorry, but I thought I recalled it looking something like that.

Anway, back on the subject of Perkins Rowe, it's less than a year from opening then... that's very cool.

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The Greenlight Plan has changed those plans for now; the Picardy/Perkins Connector was proposed after Perkins Rowe put up what we have been seeing on the website. Any condo tower plans are basically "on-hold" until the city-parish says where "exactly" the road will go; somewhere on the eastern-edge of the project. I think the new connector road will help Perkins Rowe flourish. I personally believe a condo-tower(towers) is still going to happen, we just have to wait for the new road.

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Thanks for posting that Dan :thumbsup: You da man!

Actually when all is said and done the connector road(red) will be more to the right(east) on the edge of the project. The red-line above would cut thru Fresh Market and other things.

Also the Perkins/Picardy connector road will have a bridge over Dawson Creek and a under-pass for the railroad. So there is alot more to it than just a short-road. This connector road is agreat idea.

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I gotta say that now that the picardy overpass is finished, is like night and day right there. It is so easy to get to the mall now. I love it. Before, you had to get on Bluebonnet to get to the Mall (that sucks), but now you can just get off on Picardy.

the cool part is that people getting the the freeway eastbound at bluebonnet doesn't get tangled in traffic getting off on siegen.

this is so great. I love it.

They should do that between Essen and Bluebonnet next.

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