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What's up with Raceway at Bert Kouns and Linwood?


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Does anyone know why the Raceway gas station at Bert Kouns and Linwood has suddenly closed?

The gas pumps have bags on them and there are hand-written signs taped to the doors that just say "Closed". This place is only a few months old and it suddenly closes? What's up with that, does anyone know?

Just curious,


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What the... ? I just drove by there last week and everything seemed fine. And yeah, it's only a few months old... the newest Raceway in the area. And it seemed like a great location. I'd be VERY interested in knowing what's going on there. All the other Raceways seem fine, including the one just down the road from this one at Bert Kouns/3132.

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I forgot to mention this.

When my wife and I drove by and checked it out we noticed that the store was still completely stocked with food items and other things you would find in a convenience store at a gas station.

We both thought to ourselves "what the hell is going on here?"

By the way, did you notice the article in the Times today about Southern Hills?

They are trying to paint this rosy picture of how great things are here with all the new businesses and all that. Name one major retail outlet or new/duplicate of an existing major restaurant that has opened here in the past 5 years!

You can't.

The Acree crowd knows that they will lose this election because the people of Southern Hills have had it with her claiming such growth in the city but none of it is in Southern Hlls.

Southern Hills is the key to this election and it appears only Jerry Jones has the sense to recognize it and actually talk openly about the need for reviatlization of this once great area.

During the Hightower years we have seen unprecedented growth in Southern Hills... negative growth that is.

One of the largest malls in the area folded, the AT&T plant emptied, the Sam's is gone and nearly all of the national chain restaurants are gone as well.

Hightower and crew need to get good lawyers because i expect there will be an audit of the city's financial dealings done shortly after he leaves office. Chances are we will find what we are already expecting, more of the cronies of ol' Keith got wealthy because of his good ol' boy network only benefitted his friends.

Hopefully the next mayor will do away with that system of governing.

Then again, we do live in Louisiana.... the most corrupt state in the union.

Sorry about the rant... night all,


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