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Hartford Art/Photography to be displayed in Boston's MBTA


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From Boston.com and this past Sunday's Globe


Downtown Crossing Station will be the stage for a unique art exhibit featuring original art by Chuck Close and photographers Mitch Epstein and Dayanita Singh next month. The exhibit, called ``Cities in Transition" will run Sept. 14 to Nov. 10 in the station. It's sponsored by United Technologies Corporation of Hartford , which commissioned the three artists to look at Boston, New York, and Hartford.

Close got New York, Singh got Hartford, and Epstein, whose photos readers will recognize from The New York Times Magazine and elsewhere, got Boston.

``He'll be exploring urban living in Boston as it relates to cars and cameras: the Big Dig super-highway culture, the transit crisis as well as the increasing use of surveillance cameras that keep track of who people are and what they are doing," according to a press release.

We've seen some of the work, and it's cool yet horrifying, just like traffic in Boston. You be the judge.

Interesting to see a Hartford sponsor

For those who can't make it, I will take and post pictures if it is allowed.

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I hope someone posts the pics....

Well, taking pictures in the MBTA is not allowed unelss you have a permit, I usually dont get trouble for doing it anyways, but who knows, with an art exhibit they might have an employee present at all times. Ill try.

Im glad Hartford is included in this with NYC and Boston!!

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I was able to view this exhibit, it was ok.

I was not able to take pictures

You can read all about it, and see the exhibit pictures here


flashy website.

The exhibit wasnt as good as the pictures make it look, they were down with the train tracks along the wall inbetween the directions of trains.

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