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Lurkers and Tucson Connections


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So as I arrived home this afternoon, my neighbor stopped me and asked me if I had been blogging on an urban design web site.

Someone from the City has apparently been lurking and reading my Rio Nuevo posts.

More importantly, the City of Tucson knows about UP and actually looks at it.

The strange, small world of Tucson, right?

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OOOH! intrigue.

care to go into more detail? when you say 'the city of tucson' do you mean people in tucson in general, or is your neighbor a city employee? did something they said make you think they were specifically looking at the rio nuevo thread, or is that your instincts?

MJ, what examples can you give? this kind of stuff never happens to me.

damn you silent people - post!

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Yeah, pretty freaky.

My neighbor is not a city employee, but they work in a politically-oriented position and are quite involved in local politics.

They specifically mentioned someone (they mentioned the name, but I'd never heard of or met them before) working for the city's planning department (or some sort of department like that) had asked them if they knew me, probably because of where we both live. I don't know that I've ever specifically mentioned the name of my apartment building on here, but it's pretty easy to figure out if you read my posts and have a general idea of where things are Downtown.

I'm sure that they were lurking around the whole AZ section, but focused in on the Rio Nuevo thread as, well, that's their business.

I've had people on a supposedly anonymous forum find my personal web sites. I once interviewed for a job at Pima and found that one of the interviewers had been reading my blog (he asked me about a recent trip to California).

The internet is not quite as anonymous as it leads on to being.

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