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North Carolina in the running for disease lab


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I can hear it now...."not in my back yard". Would this be a good thing for NC or should this facilty come no where near NC?


A $450M investment in our area, 400 jobs of a medical/scientific high tech nature, and many more indirect jobs, that all sounds good to me. Yes, there is some degree of The Stand-type risk of this, but it ain't toxic waste. Otherwise, I doubt Hilary would have fought for it to remain on Long Island.

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this is a great opportunity for NC. the only downside i see is the potential terrorist target it would draw. esp in the light of events of today, what do ya'll think?

Yeah, I remember reading that in the article, but seemed to me, at least, to be somewhat of an overreaction. It could potentially be a target, but I would think many many other things would make the short list before this. Like the existing laboratories of a similar nature we already have in the state, Fort Bragg, Camp Lejeune, 3 AF bases, Nuclear power plants in urban areas, Charlotte itself... OK, I'm scaring myself now..

Edit- (Off topic) Anyone have a recent update on federal Homeland Security funding for NC? There was a request last year by state leadership for funding more in alignment with the relative threat our state could face, can't find info on the outcome of that.

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