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The Arizona Governor Debate


Arizona's Governors Race  

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    • Janet Napolitano
    • Len Munsil
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Ok I my be the absentee leader of one of the lesser represented states here on UP. But the AZ forum has by far some of the most opinionated people on it. So guys I open this can of worms who would you vote for, and why. I know how some of you guys would go, but not all. From here it looks almost like an uncontested election. Does Len Musil even have a chance? AZ is considered a more conservative state. Although I have a strong feeling that the City of Mesa might be single handedly helping it hang on to that reputation. How is a female Democrat in power for a state that voted for GWB twice! I know nothing about AZ politics because i've only lived here for six months. Help me out.

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Incumbents always have the advantage. And Janet's approval rating is now at something like 75%.

Len Munsil is, unfortunately, a bit of a crackpot and will only appeal to the far right protestant crew, which does not include most in the state, including those who identify themselves as conservatives. The border, homophobic rhetoric and the abortion issue are not enough to carry him alone. Janet will get at least 70%.

I only say "unfortunately" because it is nice to see some competition in our republic. Usually a candidate who is this polarizing doesn't make it past the primaries though and it's kind of sad that he's the Republicans' best offering.

The most interesting race in the state that I know of is here in Tucson in District 8, which includes most of Tucson (everything except the West Side, basically) and most of Cochise County, for Kolbe's vacating seat. Kolbe is Republican, but the district is not necessarily, and Kolbe has a reputation as being very moderate and is currently the only openly gay Republican serving congressman. The Democratic primary race has been very interesting thus far.

My congressional race (7th) is much less interesting: the local perennial candidate is (surprise!) running again against a very popular Democratic incumbent.

The Kyl-Pederson senate race is supposed to be hot, but I just don't see it. I personally think that Pederson has already alienated a lot of Democrats with hard-line talk on the border and other issues to try to appeal to the state's moderates. No chance.

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Ok whats the news on all the election coverage? who won

Dude, c'mon.

Len Munsil actually slaughtered Don Goldwater, who had saturated the media with ads starting about a week and a half ago after he finally qualified for Clean Elections funding.

Strangely, in every election that I cared about, everyone won who I hoped would win:

- Len Munsil, because now his group will concentrate more on the unsuccessful governor bid instead of the more contentious Prop 107.

- Randy Graf (District 8, Rep) because he's a right-wing nut and poses less of a threat to the Democratic candidate.

- Jason Williams (State Superitendent)

- Gabrielle Giffords (District 8, Dem), although she had it in the bag from the start

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