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downtown residential in Greensboro


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here are a list of past projects

- Greensboro Court Apartments

- Govenor's Court


- Smothers Place Loft

- Southside


- 411 West Washington


Current Projects (blue=underconstruction) (red=under development)

- 600 Bellemeade


- Arlington Street Lofts at Southside


- Macadoo Townhomes at Southside


- King Street Townhomes at Southside

- Landings at the Depot (apartments at Southside)

- BKNY at the Square (Southside)

- Tower Homes at Southside


- Bellemeade Village (Porter Building)


- Bellemeade Village (Brandt Building)


- Arbor House Condos


- Center Pointe


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dont forget the Southeastern building. isnt that a renovation project?

I love those Macadoo Townhomes. aside from the deep porches, they look very DC-ish.

I agree the townhouses look nice. The one thing I like about townhouses as opposed to condo/apartment developments is that it gives the impression of a real neighbourhood and a sense of permanence i.e. that people actually have an investment there for the long term and are more interested in what is going on in their neighbourhood as opposed to someone living on the tenth floor of a tower. The caveat in townhouses that there must distinctiveness between each building even just a different shade of exterior paint. I recall being in Britian and all of those drab lookalike council townhouses, street after street. Mind numbing conformity is not what we need.

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dont forget the Southeastern building. isnt that a renovation project?

I love those Macadoo Townhomes. aside from the deep porches, they look very DC-ish.

thanks for reminding me. The Southeastern building is another highrise renovation to condos. There are also condos being put in renovated 2 to 3 story buildings throughout downtown. I wish they would do something with the 15-story Guilford Building (built in 1926). Currently a company owns the building and is only using a few floors. They have no plans to convert the building to condos or apartments. Hopefully they will sell the building to a developer that will convert the building. The Guilford Building served as the headqaurters for Greensboro National Bank. But it was designed to be a hotel. Its very obvious that it was meant to be a hotel when you enter the lobby.

here is a picture link of a historic building on Market Street being converted to condos


Here is a photo of the old Guilford Hotel. It would have been great for condos on the upper 3 floors with retail and a few night clubs/bars on the first floor. It looks very European. But that was typical of buildings in the late 19th century. Too bad it was demolished. It was demolished in 1929 to make way for the Woolworth Building which stands today to become the International Civil Rights Museum.


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Man, the old Guilford Hotel would have made a killer residential conversion! It was a beautiful building....
I know..Why are all the beautiful old building torn down? This is a form of architecture not found in Greensboro anymore. It would be nice to see some new developments mimic this gorgeous architecture.
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