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Dallas Photo of the Day


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Deep Ellum is still a fun place to go on the weekends, although it has fallen off. Unfortunately, Deep Ellum will die if it continues to attract thuggery. Lower Greenville is a fun place to go on the weekends, a lot of the Deep Ellum crowd has shifted over there. Whenever I go to Dallas, Lower Greenville is the first place I go to. Keep in mind, Lower Greenville is directly connected to South Dallas, so after dark, DO NOT go into South Dallas unless you want trouble.

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A visitor's views of Dallas-

Bank of America downtown, I like the way it seems to change as it gets higher.


Plaza of the Americas downtown from the Sheraton.


Downtown with the Park Central area in the background




Galleria area, have you ever seen LBJ that empty?


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I just got from Dallas and I was SO impressed. I stayed at the Hilton Anatole and it was beautiful, great service. My conference was at the Sheraton, that was also very nice. My taxi cab drivers were all very kind. The city is kept really clean, at least the places I visited. I went to eat at the House of Blues, Cadillac Bar, Avanti, and more... all my meals were scrumptious! AND that Wells Fargo Building in the first post? I was very uneasy at first, but i now LOVE that building. When you take a really good look at it, it's really unique.. All in all my dallas experience was awesome.

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